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India Jones Chow Trucks are gourmet food trucks serving authentic Indian street food throughout Greater Los Angeles and Beach cities. The well respected Chef Sumant Pardal, the owner, hails from a family of restaurateurs in India and has been cooking for 38 years. Over the years he has owned & operated several restaurants in Los Angeles, including the famous East India Grills, Tufaan & Tiger Lily and has long list of accolades. Now, at India Jones, he specializes in Indian street food, particularly frankies: a roti is wrapped around fillings like lamb, paneer and mushrooms to form what the Zagat Guide’s blog calls “the Indian equivalent of a burrito.” His famous butter chicken, a mild tomato & cream curry served with rice, is also a staple of the India Jones menu.

The 2nd annual Vendy Awards brought together seven street vendors from around the city for a day of food and competition at Pan Pacific Park. Chef Sumant Pardal of India Jones Chow Truck, a mobile operation dishing out Indian plates, won the event’s ultimate recognition of sidewalk talent, the Vendy Cup.



Today (5/21) from 5pm-8pm playa vista dinner / 12665 Village Ln, 90066 @StreetFoodLA

22 hours ago

Today (5/21) from 11am-2pm Pennsylvania / 2700 Pennsylvania Ave, 90404 @FoodTruckAlley @StreetFoodLA

1 day ago

Today (10:30am-2:30pm) @ Bunker Hill / 333 S Hope St, 90071 @StreetFoodLA

1 day ago

🗓 Today (3 of 3): 5pm-8pm @ playa vista dinner (12665 Village Ln, 90066) @StreetFoodLA

1 day ago

🗓 Today (2 of 3): 11am-2pm @ Pennsylvania (2700 Pennsylvania Ave, 90404) @StreetFoodLA

1 day ago

🗓 Today (1 of 3): 10:30am-2:30pm @ Bunker Hill (333 S Hope St, 90071) @StreetFoodLA

1 day ago

Today (11am-2pm) @ Pennsylvania / 2700 Pennsylvania Ave, 90404 @FoodTruckAlley @StreetFoodLA

2 days ago

🗓 Today 11am-2pm @ Pennsylvania (2700 Pennsylvania Ave, 90404) @StreetFoodLA

2 days ago

Oh my dear, I’m available to foster

4 days ago

Okay hands down the best peach pie EVER (sorry Mom, granny, and aunties all) at @pieandburger

4 days ago


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